Briarwood Park: The Hidden Gem

Briarwood residents have access to our beautiful, hidden away park and a spacious pavilion area for special events and holidays.

  • Permits are issued to City Of Briarwood Residents only for their use of the park.

  • The person or persons receiving the permit will be responsible for the conduct of the group. This means parking on the streets and any other place that might be overflow of the parking lot. The group is responsible for leaving the park and facilities clean and undamaged. The time the park is signed for will need to be accurate as volunteers lock and unlock the restrooms and turn the lights on for your convenience.

  • The person asking for the use of the park will be required to show proof of insurance (your policy will state your liability coverage). This will be required before a permit is issued.

  • A permit entitles a group use of the pavilion and to use the park facilities already in use.

  • Garbage bags must be provided by park user for proper disposal and storage of garbage.

  • Cars must not block a resident’s access to their drive or hinder entry to their property. We receive more complaints from this problem than any other.

  • Any tables removed from the pavilion must be returned to the pavilion before leaving the park area.


Briarwood Park Reservation Form
(ex: large or small party, family/friends; for two hours, or all afternoon)
Enter the date and time: (ex: 2023/06/09 for June 9th, 2023 at 1:00 PM)
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